Anadya Sibal

Urban Races

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Photography and digital manipulation

Faculty: Nina Cooke John

Prompt: For this assignment, we were prompted to take photographs of a cityscape. The goal was to document the block (in this case Irving Plaza) in a grid format. To complement the grid, we had to write a supporting creative piece.

I chose the photograph of the red cycle (taken by my peer) to manipulate because the warm color scheme contrasted the grayness of that day. Along with the lights in the window, the red of the bike and the car in the background coordinated well, adding vibrancy to the subtle color scheme. The text in the photograph adds character to the image. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of different stories that could contextualize the photograph, which I thought was interesting as each viewer would think of something different. Instead of using a number of photographs to capture the essence of Irving Plaza, I used a single photograph and fragmented it. I did this because I wanted to reflect the stillness I felt when I was at the plaza. The composition of the photograph and its subject, forces the viewer to imagine what else could have been happening in that moment. The fragmentation of the photograph into the grid gives the impression of multiple images that have been placed together to create a larger image. I also appreciated the geometry created by the wheels of the bicycle, and how the circles contrasted the squares of the grid layout. The supporting creative write-up highlights what could have been happening, before or after the photograph was taken.