Ariadna Perez-Davila


Class of: 2023

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Digital painting

Faculty: Freya Powell

Prompt: This project is an opportunity to fully explore your research question. Fueled by your academic research in seminar your studio final is a place to visually expand those ideas, tangentially or directly. Think of it as an opportunity to test materials and work outside of your comfort zone.

Given my interest in exploring the various interstices that make up identity I decided to center my last Bridge project for my seminar and studio classes around Chicana Identity. I wanted to create a piece that added to pre-existing narratives, drawing on what I’ve learned about Borderlands theory and my own understanding of what makes me Chicana. Thus the stylized background of the border wall and the various motifs in the hands of the figures. This piece is a pastiche of Friday Kahlo’s ‘The two Fridas’. In taking this original composition I wanted to draw attention to the aspect of mixed identity and its polemical nature, thinking of myself as two people with one heart cleft at the border (a physical location of other-ing) This piece was my first serious digital painting, due to a lack of acrylic paint I resorted to trying my hand at a new drawing software. i sought to create as painterly an effect as possible.