Avalon Hester


Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Video (frame-by-frame animation)

Faculty: Matt Whitman

Prompt: The assignment for this project was to create a work that draws inspiration to the theme of either memory, dream, performance or journey.

Takeaway is an animated short inspired by my childhood spent moving across most of the West Coast. It was always just my mom, my brother, and I and a lot of the time dinner was spent at one of a few favorite takeout restaurants (which were always the first thing we’d explore about a new town). Throughout the years, I made some of my best friends at these hole in the wall restaurants, places that feel like home to me no matter where I’m living now. This movie is a collection of memories made with the people who became my friends through my frequent visits to their place of work – starting from when I was 5 years old and ending at a memory made last November.

The animated segments are supposed to invoke the feelings of a dream or a series of distant memories – blurring together into one narrative. The viewer is taken on a tour through a home inside of a box of take out and given the feeling that each scene is connected – even if not to them.

For me, the piece is a collection of the people that have been impactful in my life as I moved from place to place.