Bridget Campbell

The Hummingbird, Dominics Loafers, & Morning Cappucino

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Various Fabric Types (Satin, Leather, Denim)

Faculty: Naika Colas

Prompt: We were instructed to explore various fabric manipulation techniques and create three separate collages demonstrating our research.

For this assignment, I got the chance to explore texture and patterns through fabric manipulation. In planning what I would make, I felt inspired by my grandfather and the things he would enjoy. I decided to create the collage as more of an art piece. I used different fabric swatches such as corduroy, satin, denim, and leather in different patterns and colors. I used techniques like pinching, pleating, and twisting the swatches to create variation in the art piece. For “The Hummingbird” my grandfather who we call “Duci” was born on Earth Day. Fitting to his personality, he loved all things nature. Over this past summer, we were staying at his house in his town in Italy, when a hummingbird flew and landed amongst his flowers. He was absolutely in love and in awe of the bird and now that he passed they always remind me of him. “Dominics Loafers” is a piece that is the most him. Every day my Duci would wear the same outfit; dress pants, a button-up, and his Italian leather loafers. The last piece “Morning Cappucino” is inspired by both mine and his love for coffee. When planning our trips to his hometown in Italy, I would often ask what he was looking forward to most, and without fail, he would always answer “Just drinking my cappuccinos in the morning”.