Ojaswini Gupta

Fuschia Flash

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Feathers, Rhinestones and Cardboard

Faculty: Naika Colas

Prompt: This section explores the history of clothing. Clothing is a powerful form of self-expression that allows us to showcase our unique identities and individuality, while also keeping us cool, warm or modest. It enables us to feel confident and attractive, expressing our style with pride. Choose between these 3 themes for Bridge 3 Head Coverings Carnival - Themes throughout the world. How is Carnival celebrated and its significance choosing 1 country. Body Coverings - Dressing modestly; choose a specific culture, ethnicity or community that practices gender based body covering. Why? Make Head Covering on the theme of carnival - Themes throughout the world. How is Carnival celebrated and its significance choosing 1 country. Thematically, this unit is about body covering and jewelry as identity – the core of fashion defined as broadly and inclusively as possible. How do body coverings reveal or conceal identity? How are they used to construct and deconstruct identities? To what extent do body coverings and/or jewelry (adornments) determine the way our body is ‘read’ by spectators, and to what extent do we control this process of meaning-making through our own bodies and self-presentation?

In crafting my carnival-inspired upper body covering, I embarked on a creative journey that melded vibrant aesthetics with symbolic depth. Embracing the essence of carnival, I designed a captivating bralette adorned with an array of shimmering rhinestones, intricate beads, and playful embellishments, channeling the jubilant spirit of festivity and celebration. Delving into the realm of symbolism, I selected a pink color palette, resonating with themes of love, passion, and femininity, infusing my creation with an aura of warmth and vitality. As I ventured further into the design process, I conceived a magnificent wing-like structure, festooned with an abundance of feathers cascading elegantly from the back, symbolizing freedom, grace, and the whimsical allure of flight. This endeavor marked my inaugural foray into the enchanting world of carnival, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity reigns supreme, leaving an indelible imprint of joy and wonderment.