Burak Eceral

The Gift of Hecate

Prompt: In this assignment, our professor assigned us to come up with a contemplative/ sacred constructed environment or a contemplative/ sacred piece that is relevant to our selected class theme. The piece should include a user's manual and a commercial packing that is fully ready to manufacture. This project should include multiple prototypes, technical drawings, and a series of abstract drawings. Most importantly, the making process should be documented using a Learning Portfolio post. The post should include our experimentations with various materials, errors and successes, external links that show our research, and a series of photographs of the final piece.

I intended to create an object that directly serves my topic of manifestation inspired by contemplative practices and sacred talismans from the past. Additionally, I wrote a researched-based story that will provide further information about the piece, including spiritual symbols and personas from different cultures. With this item, I aim to create a product that is an ancient gift from not other than the goddess Hecate. I envisioned it as a valuable artifact that passes on centuries with great respect and care.

The piece has the shape of an open right hand mimicking the form of the Anatolian talisman Hamsa and it is carved out of Rose Quartz which possesses the power of holy vibrations and calling your manifestations into your life. I designed this object with the intention of creating a piece of equipment that would be helpful in the act of manifesting. You will begin by writing your future needs in pieces of paper, folding them, and collecting them in the palm of my sacred creation. Starting with the new moon, you will repeat this process till the arrival of the full moon. With the rising full moon, you will burn the paper you have collected over time and send your messages to Hecate and honor her by recognizing her presence. I used Apoxy Resin to obtain the clear form of a crystal and used projection as a secondary light source to make the object shine pink hues. The object comes in a wooden chest with a user’s manual. For this project, I did extensive research about the coven of Hecate in Anatolia by looking up museums’ websites and Wiccan blogs. To enchant the piece, I also made up a research-based story that includes an Anatolian coven worshiping Hecate in the early times of history.