Caitlin Du

Stop Reading and Go Bird Watching

Class of: 2023

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Digital animation

Faculty: Carol Shadford

Prompt: The task consisted of two steps. The first step is to create a rotoscope animation matching the prompt of "Sisyphus loop". Then, students are asked to modify the animation in order to break the loop.

The first part of the prompt is inspired by the story of Sisyphus, who is tasked with rolling a massive boulder up a hill. However, when he is close to the top, the boulder would always roll back down. Therefore, I chose an everyday event that bothers me – a book falling onto my face when I am slowly falling asleep while reading.

The second part of the prompt is healing the cycle. I wanted to do something surreal to explore the capability of animation beyond rotoscoping. I chose the element of birds because I’ve been “birdwatching” from my window in quarantine. This is my first time animating, so overall, it is a very experimental piece.