Raena Doshi

It's your flow, go with it. Period.

Class of: 2020

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: 3D charm

Faculty: Dimitri Koumbis

Prompt: To create a consumer good which will ultimately culminate in the implementation of an actual pop-up shop where student design work will be sold. However, due too COVID-19, our pop up shop was made digitally

Culturally in many parts of India, menstruation is considered to be dirty and impure due to a Hindu myth. To date, women are prohibited from participating in normal life while menstruating. She must be “purified” before she is allowed to return to her family and day to day chores of her life.

The goal of this project was for women to proudly flaunt a symbol of strength, a charm, that they can to wear to feel stronger, more empowered and to never be embarrassed of what they have been gifted.

Words are often not enough to explain strong feelings. Symbols, emblems, or other graphical representations have the potential to hold significant meanings, and more, as they can be further interpreted by the viewer.

It is extremely important to take into consideration how women are suppressed to talk about an affair as humane as menstruation. This is engraved into the generation’s old ‘culture’ where a woman is considered impure, during the week of her period. This has carried on in the form of embarrassment, predominantly with men and older family members, resulting in women avoiding speaking about periods, or belittling themselves during those days. This symbol is a tangible way of representing empowerment and will hold strength and stay as a reminder to women, of their power, encouraging them to speak up and be proud of their body.