Cassandra Yu

Downward-facing Dog

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Shari Mendelson

Prompt: Transform our figure drawing into an abstracted 3D wooden figure that uses at least 3 types of wood joints. One joint must move.

Due to my interest in yoga, I chose my drawing of the “downward-facing dog” pose for my wooden figure. I wanted to visualize a sense of balance of yoga via the assembly of different angular wood pieces, and wood’s natural texture. I used different methods to connect them together. As my board was not wide enough, I first used the “half lap” method to join two identical pieces together as the torso; I used screws and drill to connect the torso to two legs; to let the head and arms movable, I used dowels to join them to the torso. After all, I decided to paint the figure in matte black because I believed it could transmit the perceptions of simplicity and calmness. Throughout the making process, I learned about how a two-dimensional drawing could be turned into a three- dimensional figure through simplification, angulation, and abstraction.