Pablo Gonzalez

Red & Blue Necklace

Class of: 2023

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Acrylic, Wood, Metal & Wire

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: In this project, we were instructed to use the wood shop in order to create a wooden necklace from scraps. In addition, we were challenged to use metal mechanical connectors to create our final product.

This project was an extremely intimidating endeavor that was inspired by form, symmetry, and color. Creating this necklace from mechanical connectors expanded the way I thought about the design. As I created my necklace, I was captivated with linear design and decided to create a textile on my necklace to further enhance the piece. A complimentary color palette was partly inspired by the colors of the flag of my home country, Colombia. The process of creating sketches for my designs allowed my final product to be much more of a success due to the premeditated planning that was necessary with the challenge of using mechanical connectors. In order to add an element of elegance to this necklace, I incorporated draped strands of metal wire that acted as a “waterfall” of bronze. The combination of these visual elements allowed my final product to be something that is both personal and visually alluring.