Catherine Chen

Tiny House project

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Chipboard, wood-board,paper, plastic cylinder

Faculty: Christian Nguyen

Prompt: This project is called: Tiny house Project. Basically, we picked a location that can found on GPS or google map, and then we actually go out to that space (location) did the dimension. After that, we design our own house which can replace the original house.

The design inspiration for my house came from the sea, but because of the geographical location of my house, there is no sea, the choice of a river is the same, It is all about places with water. I hope that my house has a sense of hierarchy, not a large square floor, but a round shape connected with stairs gives a sense of level. My house does not have walls. The whole sense of space is an open space, it is suitable for summer. The first floor belongs to the multi-function hall, because the location I chose is a park. In normal times, it can hanging out with some friends and can live in this house, swim in the river, and chat etc. The second floor can also be used for entertainment, and the third floor is an open space bedroom, where there is sunshine in summer and you can enjoy the sun. In terms of materials, the bottom is a thick wooden board cut into a circle, and the fence and furniture are made of cardboard.