Rachelle Ann Tran

The Nervous Mute Rose Seeking Her Jackpot

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: 3D fashion design, cardboard-dollhouse, video

Faculty: Seminar: Eric Anthamatten / Studio: Bryan Melillo

Prompt: Create three Designs representing the major shift of paranoia.

“I named this project as The Nervous Mute Rose Seeking Her Jackpot, where The Nervous Mute is a metaphor that indicates a person who is very expressionless, feeling trapped, numbing in her feelings, and could never speak up for herself. Rose is a common name referring to a type of flower, major change, or new beginning, and also, since I may not want to mention my name directly in the title, Rose is the right name to choose from. Seeking Her Jackpot is a metaphor regarding the girl flnding her light (jackpot) out of the darkness.”

– Rachelle Ann