Cecilia Loeber

Unbounded by Victous

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Walnut wood, lights, chipboard, cast acrylic.

Faculty: Richard Salcer

Prompt: For this project we were instructed to design a custom bottle, an outer packaging and a counter display for either a male, female or unisex fragrance. Particularly in cosmetics, products try to capture a moment, mood, or fantasy. The designed product should carry an original brand name.

For this assignment, I was inspired by the typical watch advertisements, such as Breitling or Tag Heuer, which connect an invincible man to the outdoors. The fantasy I wanted to sell with this product was that of adventure, independence, and power, paired with elegance and sophistication. To meet this fantasy, the logo I chose for my brand ‘Victous’ was that of a lone wolf. The brand name was inspired by the word victorious. As far as scent goes, I imagined sandalwood.

The concept of outdoor adventure was embodied through the theme of fire and wood which continue throughout the design. When the bottle is placed on the display, the red light is intended to mimic flames that engulf the wood. The slogan ‘dare to tread on fire’ captures the fantasy of adventure, risk taking, and power, as introduced above.

In keeping with the brand sophistication, the outer container is minimalistic and elegant. To hint at the transition between the minimalist outside and the exuberant inside of the box, I printed a fire coloured opening crack on the front side of the container.