Cecilia Loeber

The Emotion Project: Calm

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Cardboard, wood, clay, paint

Faculty: Richard Salcer

Prompt: A successful package is able to attract a consumer's attention by appealing to an instinctive emotion. Such ‘messages’ are delivered by shapes, colours, and textures. For this assignment, we were meant to create an abstract object and an outer container that suggests a mood or feeling.

The feeling/emotion I decided to convey in this project was calmness. For the abstract object, I was inspired by the ripples water creates when a droplet hits the surface. I decided to craft the object out of clay since it’s an earthy material, and the weight and coolness of holding it can impart a sense of tranquility. The light blue colour communicates calmness and embodies water and its soothing attributes.

For the outer container, I drew inspiration from the yin and yang representation of balance. Balance and calmness are feelings/emotions that complement one another. The particular symbol also gives way to a very satisfying, calming and ritual-like opening.