Charlene Chung

Triptych: Bittersweet, Overwhelming, and Dreamy

Class of: 2026

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Watercolor

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: To create an emotional abstract painting, using the techniques we learned in class. Using elements of formalism and design principles from terminology to develop a better understanding of the materials that were practiced.

I find it interesting when it comes to emotions. Whenever it comes to paintings for me, I really love to experience how I feel through art. Expressing how you feel at the moment, giving it a good opportunity to help me calm the nerves or help feel soothed. However, I did have a hard time trying to choose a concept of emotions. So I listened to my playlist, which has a whole different variety of genres, and watched a movie that lead to my three main emotions: bittersweet, overwhelming, and dreamy.