Chenchen Liu

Chenchen Liu's Time Card

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Printed paper

Faculty: Zohar Kfir

Prompt: This project will explore methods of observation into the role of time in one’s personal experiences and narratives and the ways in which they evolve. The essence of personal time might be connected to childhood memories and perception, or could emerge as a personal essay incorporating memory, experience, repetition or documentation through story-telling. The project begins by de�ning “personal space” and utilize observations followed by evaluation and a mapping exercise to better understand and visualize how time functions in each of our lives. Students will produce a printed object that would portray the passage of time in its design and �nal output, utilizing various materials, binding techniques and use of imagery and typography.

Time has brought me with scars that probably will not heal for the rest of my life, but it also has brought me super happy and memorable moments that I will remember forever. There are alway tow sides of things, or it is either negativity or positivity that time can bring to a person. In conclusion, in the long run, time is all about equality and fairness. Time is very neutral.

After having a little discussion with my friend to nd any inspiration, we came up with a small installation to represent the concept, which later on became a three dimensional pop up card, since it was hard to incorporate printed matters to this installation. If there is a ball hanging from the ceiling, and if one pushes it, it will always swing and come back to the person. The process of the swing from one point to another can represent the process of past of time. And as for those tow directions, I consider one as negative, and the other as positive. Then I applied the middle point to represent my own subjective concept of time. Because the ball will always pass through the middle point, even when it’s not moving. So I believe this point is a fairly neutral and equal representation.

Then I focused more on how I can relate this concept more specically to myself. I added an element of human heart, because it is the heart that enables people to feel the past of time, emotions, and memories. And then I added tow self portraits in different colors and emotions on the two sides of the heart. After nishing all the illustrations and cover designs, I printed the card at the Design Lab. And I’m very happy with the final outcome.