Grace Grigg

In My Room I Hold My World

Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Stop Motion (photos + video + audio)

Faculty: John Ros

Prompt: Using these 3-6 pieces as source materials, you are going to create an individual piece that is a self portrait or biographical piece that tells your unique story. Think about how these items reflect who you are. Think about how you got them and why you hold on to them. Why are these items the most important to you now and what made you select them?

Based on my assignment I took photos of objects in my room (my archive) and made it into a stop motion video. I overlaid chronological voicemails my mother left me over a 12 month period (one when I was still home, one when I first came to college, one a few weeks ago). I was trying to create the theme of how my archives/collections are often sentimental. I wanted an overall feeling of intimacy and for the audience to feel a connection to youth and hopefully family.