Chenxin Cai

Do Not Remember

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media based on painting

Faculty: Kate Harding

Prompt: Intersubjective Self: Expansion of Memory, Sited Dreaming, and the Dissolution of Limitation Students are to create a work that will “dissolve limitations” including the reach of their screens to reveal, uncover, expose, etc. a constructed vision beyond.

Combining 2D and 3D, I created an image exploring memory and its relationship to dreams. Through interactions between surreal figures and abstract elements, I want to show how memories can be altered over time and try to blur the boundary between memory and dreams. Knowing that memories are unreliable, and the only thing left is our senses that engaged in those moments, the viewers will end up focusing on themselves and seek connections to their subconscious minds.

The piece is intended to create an interactive experience. Instead of being narrative, I bring elements together to make a whole that directs the sight from the outside edge toward the central focal point. The movement is along with the change from the surreal and dreamy images to abstract images. The drape of the canvas directs the view to the central area where it leads the viewers to more abstract and irrational reality. Then, the mirror will help people reflect on themselves in relation to their past and what is deep inside them. Both the process and the outcome of this piece are more toward the meditative side rather than observing.

I want to visualize my senses – mainly focusing on sight, touch, and hearing – toward unforgettable memories using abstract elements and textures. Using blue as the base color, I intend to create a dream-like effect. And warm colors like red, pink, and orange are added on top of it representing what is left after time filters memories. There may be a seeming contradiction of unforgettable moments being depicted in an unrecognizable way, while it fits into my larger concept of memory – “Do Not Remember”.