Xiaoqing Zhang


Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Photography / paper

Faculty: Studio: Tamar Samir / Seminar: Lauren Krauze

Prompt: In this project, we researched and presented topics we were interested in Seminar, produced a series of 8 pages (4 spreads) of photos. The final project will focus on fashion styling as a medium to communicate a story or a message. The goal of the project is to tell a visual story in a sequential way, considering all aspects of a fashion photoshoot including styling, lighting, make-up, accessories, and editing.

My topic is about two personalities – INFP&INTJ and is about how parental influences can shape personalities (INFP&INTJ) both in childhood and adulthood, and discover the potential relationship between these influences and the formation of each letter. So I plan to use the same background when I represent the same letter of “I&N” for the letter” N&P, “I will use different settings but related elements to show their formation is connected but contrast. According to my research, the personality of each letter has different meanings and forms. So I created this series of photos based on these studies because personality is human nature, so I decided to emphasize human figure and movement. The order of the four pages on the left is INFP, and the order on the right is INTJ. I&I: Posture and the distribution of the two lights on the body also indicate different characteristics of their personalities.