Chevy Chanpaiboonrat

Bug Hands

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Woodwork

Faculty: Aaron Cooper

Prompt: To create a product that acts as a body extension in some way and should be wearable

These are the images of the final wooden prototype of the body extension. This tool aims to be used as a desk-top sweeper to help the user to gather things from slightly further away back closer to us. The two finger-like extensions are able to be moved left and right so that it can reach things in the 180 degrees span of the table, with rings to pull the joints towards the user. I imagine the sweepers to have interchangeable textures such as brushes fro sweeping in the dust, or even mark making tools like a sponge dipped in paint, etc, potentially seeing it as a toy for kids to play with (in a similar sense as a soccer table). I particularly enjoy its ‘uncanny’ and peculiar aesthetics as it seems almost as if it is a puppet bug or insect. To develop this project further, this device can be used as a tool for a game, in which case several duplicates will need to be made with a variety of color options of the product. The glove should change into a non-latex one as it will grip better onto the wood and is less fragile and longer-lasting. I can even change its shape of the product, making it more of a grip like a tennis racket if the aim of the developed version is to act as a gaming device (similar to Wii remotes).