Keyue Wan

The Extended Hand

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media (wood, metal, and string)

Faculty: Aaron Cooper

Prompt: To make an extension of the body

Given the prompt, to make a body extension, I chose to make an extended hand as a drawing tool that one can use to draw on the ground while standing up. This idea was inspired by a park for the elderly in China, who would use a very long soft pointed sponge brush to write Chinese Calligraphy on the ground while standing up. I used poplar wood to make the arm and the hand because it is hard inside which resembles the human bones, but at the same time, the surface is soft like human skin. F or the part where the knuckles are, I used spring to join the fingers, because in that way, whenever the manipulating hand loosens the string, the extended hand would go back to its original position, which is straight, thus making it easier to draw with.