Chiweng Gan

Nature's Fingerprint

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Media

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: This project aims to guide design students through creating their own textiles using digital textile printing. By exploring various styles and techniques, students will draw inspiration from nature landscapes, art and design history, architecture, and patterns of shape repetition to develop unique and visually compelling patterns. The project will have three phases, allowing students to conduct research, develop concepts, receive feedback, and apply their designs to a tangible object.

This project explores the hidden world of fruits and vegetables through textile design. By employing digital tools like photoshop, the project transforms the natural textures and shapes of everyday produce into unique and abstract patterns. The focus goes beyond just appearance, delving into the individuality of each fruit and vegetable. I am always shock by how the nature can create so many special species with different texture, shape, and colour. What is interesting is that they actually share a similar cellular structure while being so different on the outside. Then I start to think about how we look at them. When we talk about people, we say, “Each person is so different”. But when we talk about other species, we say, “Each species is so different. We say “strawberry and apple are so different,” not “apple A and apple B are so different”. We never look at them as individuals. Therefore, my project has more of an idea of what if we look at each fruit or vegetable as an individual. The patterns are their identity.