Ellie Lara


Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Photography

Faculty: Barbara Bordnick

Prompt: To make a self-portrait that says something about you

For this project we were given the assignment to create a self portrait that said something about ourselves. There were not many guidelines for this project so I found the freedom of it to be quite enjoyable. I myself am a quite shy person and normally don’t like to be photographed. Since this was a “self-portrait” assignment there was really no way of photographing myself. I took another route and formed a solution for this. I photographed myself and then inserted it into photoshop. I am familiar with it for the most part but a lot of my best work comes from just playing around with the tools until I like how it looks. For this photo I played around with the smudge tool and tried smudging various areas of my face. I decided that smudging my eyes looked the most interesting. Not only was it the most interesting but it also conveyed the message that I wanted to give by editing the photo the way I did. As I said I am not a fan of being photographed so I thought maybe if I just take a photo and cover some of myself, it’s still me but it also shows a little bit of who I am on the inside in addition to the outside.