Christine Chang

Absence of History, Presence of Future

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Mixed media and presentation

Faculty: Anya Kurennaya and Amy Stoker

Prompt: Propose a site-specific public art installation in NYC.

My idea is to cover the Washington Square Arch in Vantablack and have a 3D model in VR. Covering the Washington Square Arch in Vantabalck represents bringing a famous building to absence. The only way to look at the Washington Square Arch is through a phone; people will have to pull out their phone and look into AR. It will make the people walking past stop and thinks of history and technology’s relationship. Are we spending too much time on the internet? Is our world slowly being replaced by technology in some way? Washington Square Park is a park that celebrates the first president George Washington which represents the beginning of America in contrast to the new and recent technology AR.