Cienna Geunyoung Kim


Prompt: Focusing on the elements of design, effective composition and gestalt principles, students create a detailed cut paper collage using iconic objects as a vehicle for abstraction.

Having selected the lunar calendar as my object, I decided to create mythical and geometrical visuals that would show the endless cycle of species and generations. I incorporated the circular shape and time elements of the lunar calendar into an abstract cycle symbolizing birth, life, and death. The cherry blossoms and falling petals stand for pollination, initiation, and birth. Young sprouts symbolize the  rst half of life, youth, and growth. The old tree with birds stand for the second half of life, maturity, fruition, and wisdom. The two crosses symbolize death as the  nal step in the cycle of life. Together, these elements create a sense of immortality; like time, a single end does not mean an end for all.