Citra Luna Martha

living through a pandemic, summed up in tweets

Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital Drawing

Faculty: Susan Stillman

Prompt: Taking any form for a series; sketchbook pages, visual diary, a zine, a book, an animation, compile at least 5 drawings/mixed media pieces that summarize your experience these last weeks in isolation, and perhaps in the travel and confusion that occurred before.

As prompted to document my journey through these confusing times, I felt that my experience was mundane so I didn’t feel like making a journal out of it. Then I resorted to Twitter and found what people had to say about this COVID-19 situation as an inspiration. I compiled a few of these satirical tweets about corona and made illustrations alongside them.

I was able to at least smile and laugh as I stumble upon these tweets on my Twitter timeline. It helped lighten up my mood to go through each day despite the horrors we hear every second. I hope that both the tweets and the illustrations I made could also put a smile on your faces.