Clarice Kwok


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video Collage

Faculty: Madeline Schwartzman

Prompt: The project works with FOUND FOOTAGE AND FOUND SOUND. Time is not always measured by clocks. It may be measured by a life span, by change over time, by graphic representations of the human body or every day actions. This assignment asked students to make visual and collapse a lifetime of time, through analog and digital video representations of the elastic nature of time—the flow of time through the existence of New York City and into the future. Another motif of this project will be the Anthropocene – the geological age in which humans’ activity has been the dominant force of change on the environment and climate. Your video may engage anything – nature, fashion, art, building, water – to tell a story about change over a large span of time.

Representation of the past, present and the future in Manhattan by collaging found footage relating to the topic of bagels