Cooper Sperling

Sentimental Boots

Class of: 2025

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Kori Shavit

Prompt: Create a set of three video pieces that utilize the human body in relation to any available objects/materials, to create a human sculpture/s. The sculpture/s can be still, or kinetic (active, dynamic).

The concept was to study boots and one persons very personal relationship to their pair. Enticed by the strange and fed by the niche, our subject holds sentimental value to their pair of boots, no matter the situation and the boots themselves, as well as holding aesthetic appeal, allow him to actualize these interests, desires and curiosities. This is as much a portrayal of the subject as it is on the things they use their boots for. These boots function as a practical means to reach their goals, dancing and filming themself with a specific genre (that directly features boots of these kind), crushing food for an audience that enjoys seeing things get crushed by boots (especially food), and lighting a cigarette (an aesthetically pleasurable task). While these boots were made for walking, they also are important to the subject in other ways. Everyone has a pair of shoes, an item of clothing, a thing that holds a special relationship to them that is different from anyone else; no matter how bizarre, niche or mundane.