Diane Lincifort

Hidden Issues

Class of: 2025

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Plaster, crochet

Faculty: Alison McNulty

Prompt: Students will create a structure that supports a mass as a way of engaging with an ecological issue somewhere between the immediate and the immense. The conceptual territory between where we place the vast majority of our attention on a daily basis and what we might think of as the most pressing issues in the world today is the space where we are connected to the world beyond our sense of being an individual self.

The issue I wanted to bring attention to was waste And the amount of waste that each of us as humans create on a day-to-day basis from the use of empty chip bags to banana peels. We as humans create a significant amount of waste but where does that all go. Most of the waste that we create ends up in Landfills. Although it does seem like a reasonable amount of people do recycle however only 9% of that material ends up being recycled. The way we Depose waste has changed over the years while artists and creatives come up with creative solutions to help combat the problem doesn’t help to put a dent in the true value of this issue, so it increases and so does landfills. landfills start to grow in size releasing methane gas into our atmosphere affecting the air we breathe and the environments we live in creating unsafe and unpleasant living conditions for people who live below the poverty line. With the growth of these lane fills I decided to add contour lines which are used for the detected elevation of these landfills and their sheer mass in size. I carved it into an octahedron that represents air. representing the effects that this problem has on our atmosphere. And for the hand, I wanted to represent our involvement in the growing problem, and how we can do something to fix it we are constantly keeping the situation stable enough to a point where we don’t have to take any major action and are doing nothing to fix it. As for the crochet element of this piece, it almost acts like the glass and the net that is keeping us from taking any action. As we continue to watch it grow.