Daisy (Days) Lu

A Vampire’s Self-Narrative

Class of: 2025

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: For this project, students need to each create an unique artist book based on one theme from the four: "Resilience, Amplify, Embody, Spirit." Within the theme selected, choose a personal and original concept for the artist book.

My work will revolve around vampires for this artist book, which relates to the theme of Spirit – supernatural. I decided to make the contents personal and somehow humorous to read. Seeing myself having numerous similarities as vampires, I decided to create this book as – a modern vampire writing its diary/narrative. Thus, this book is named “A Vampire’s Self-Narrative.”

For my artist book, I decide to create a coffin to contain book contents inside. I painted the wood box black using ink, and measured to cut and put red velvet base for the whole interior of the coffin so that it looks more furnished and luxurious. Then, I decided to decorate the coffin with a Catholic Cross neckless, which I hot-glued on. I used black acrylic paint to “olden” the neckless so that it looks more ancient and vintage, as well as the coffin itself.

Instead of printing or using digital pictures, I decided to hand draw illustrations and use my own handwriting font for this artist book. It makes the artist book unique and personal, which well fits the theme, since it’s a “Self-narrative” of a vampire.