Tiffany Wang

Tea Hut

Prompt: The assignment for this project was to design and build a model of a outdoor dining shed. The design should have the strengths of existing huts and omit the weaknesses.

For my outdoor dining shed, I created a model inspired by traditional Chinese architecture. I chose to make the model entirely of wood because it is a common element in traditional Chinese architecture. I left the wood without staining it as I thought the natural look of the wood was beautiful on its own. I focused heavily on the details of my design since I thought they were a vital part of traditional Chinese architecture, particularly in the windows. I started the building process of the model by creating my calculations. I wanted to find the proper scale and measurements of the pieces to reduce material waste. To do this, I made a quick orthographic drawing of my design. Physically creating the model was a very tedious and laborintensive process. I first made the base, which was the exterior structure. I used wood glue for this process since I wanted it to be as sturdy as possible. For the windows and furniture, I used crazy glue, as the drying time didn’t take long and still held the pieces together. This model was a bit challenging to build but still fun nevertheless.