Daniela Contreras

Astoria Walkway

Class of: 2023

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Digital Renderings

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: Create a design solution for a problem in the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens.

My design solution is a new masterplan for the area between Astoria Park and the Astoria Boulevard Station. The renovated masterplan includes more efficient and clearly defined areas for curbside and vertical parking as well as green sidewalks and an elevated walkway with an urban corridor running underneath it. There is a great opportunity for increased ecosystem services for the Astoria community. Increased exposure to greenery on a daily basis has positive mental and physical benefits. The design of the urban corridor and pedestrian walkway is meant to encourage healthy habits within the Astoria community and give the residents easy access and regular exposure to said greenery. The use of reclaimed materials is important to the environmentally friendly nature of the project. Increase biodiversity, healthier ecosystems, decreased temperatures, and recreation are just some of the benefits that the Astoria Walkway brings to the community.