Danqi Qi


Class of: 2026

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Casting sculpture

Faculty: Rebekah Laskin

Prompt: Design a form to be cast in plaster which, although relatively small in size, conveys the monumental qualities of a large massive structure and addresses a cultural subject. Develop this form through research, sketching and plan/oblique drawings. Create a mold using foam core and other materials, and cast it in plaster.

For this casting project, my inspiration comes from one of my past unforgettable experiences once I had a severe lung illness called Aerothorax and had to take a medical test through a CT scanner. For things cast in place, I applied multiple metals and wires to create machine-like decorations and the electrical effect. Through creating this conceptual multi-media cast sculpture, I realized I also have been mentally healed in the making process. I experienced watercolor, colored pencils, and markers to draw all the inspired veins illustrations and render reds mimicking the impressive feeling I had going through that illness.