Diana Iskandarova

Trains, Longing, and Admiration

Class of: 2026

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Digital

Faculty: Karelyn Siegler

Prompt: Create an emotive photomontage, using the color wheel associated with different emotional states.

This collage and its color pallete was inspired by the works of Wong Kar Wai. It is meant to call out for different feelings. Deep green is a very complex color, and I feel like it will signify different things for different people. Two of the feeling I was trying to transfer through my work are fear and admiration. Admiration for your loved one, and fear of loosing them even for a short period of time. These are the feeling I always get from people on the train stations and at the airports. For me these places signify love and sadness, excitement and melancholy: very contrasting but very strong emotions.