Eunhu Lim


Class of: 2026

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Multiple media

Faculty: Aaron Krach

Prompt: Create a series of images show us everyday objects in a new way. Surprise us. Transform through set, lighting, placement and more. Use all that is at your disposal.

The place where I live there is always full of people. All the time, my friends tend to leave their personal belongings left behind in my room. Such as the pack of cigarettes they emptied, one pair of earrings they cannot wear anymore, coins that are difficult to use, a wrinkled bag… Then I gathered some of my objects that are out of use—a single pair of AirPods, a photograph of my ex-boyfriend, expired eye drops, and a false eyelash that lost its pair. Objects that hold onto memories but cannot do their job anymore. Through this “Still Life” photograph, I wanted to depict to the audience what I see, how it is mesmerizing that every object, objects that are even abandoned, and objects that could have been trash can be an art piece.