Dieter Vlasich

Surreal Tan Lines

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital alteration of photographs and mixing natural tanning. with digital exaggeration

Faculty: Joseph Christiano Diaz

Prompt: Perceiving and Mapping Time. Create a 2d piece exploring the concept of time, its passage, and its relationship with our bodies and senses.

Surreal Tan Lines, a documentation of the fantasy of time and its direct relationship to the body, the sun, and the natural world. This project aims to explore tanning as an art form where the sun and our skin would be the sole creators of the printed shapes in our body. Creating art out of only the natural world and the shapes used to shadow and bring to life a contrast of figures. This project was inspired by my current setting, and observing all of my friends’ weird tan lines and their complaints related with tanning. I remember hearing that they had tanned “not well enough” “weirdly” “with uneven lines”, all of this made me think about how tanning is an obsession that exists in the western world, that I  nd ridiculous. I wanted to create an extreme version of this idea through a digital exploration derived from experiments I began within the physical world.