Dipesh Aggarwal

Shady Assembly

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Charcoal

Faculty: Tim Campbell

Prompt: More complex still life drawing with compressed charcoal, focusing on composition, line quality, motion, and accuracy.

Fixating my eyes on the line of object to get the perfect perspective drawn onto the paper was the challenging part for me. I made angular mistakes while drawing and erased as much possible but the lines still remain. On top of those lines comes the still life of the whole set up. To bring life into the objects I shaded them from left to right so that nothing smudged on the way. I shaded the mask using its own curves instead of filling in with straight lines. Same for the fruit I used circular motion to replicate it. I also showed the bottom part of the bottle where I felt the irregular rectangle in it was disappearing which was the detail from the box it is standing on.