Echo Huang

Please Write to Me

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Digital Illustration

Faculty: Colin Mclain

Prompt: Students create a work expressing their own notion of imagined space and its metaphorical implications. Utilizing the principles of perspective, students can choose to stay true to, bend, or break perspectival convention. Students may look to world events, social issues, and personal interests to help guide their choices.

This is a unrealistic space where I combined bubbles and water in the sink with a children playground. I was inspired by the concept of liminal spaces, the spaces of transitions. The fact that liminal spaces, like hallways and hotel rooms, can strike poeple’s memories made me want to create one of my own. Thinking back, those indoor playgrounds in shopping malls always remind me of the friends I made a long time ago. The friendships were short, but they always stays in my memory. I think of forgetting memories similar to the process of water flowing down the sink. The memories stays like bubbles and they left a long-lasting moisture in your heart. I also included envelopes and letters to tell how much I wanted to keep in touch with them. But reaching out to them is like sending letters that never arrives. The feelings remain, but the people never return.