Elin Kuo

sweaty palms

Class of: 2022

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: fabric/ text from New Yorker magazine

Faculty: Jennifer Sullivan

Prompt: A 5-7 page handbound book that explore a new persona or alter ego with the experimentation of the "cut-up" experience to create your own poetry.

This zine is an extension work of my very first project I did in time class. I created a new persona that deals with my sweaty palms. It was inspired by high school life, when I performed in different musicals and being the main vocal in a band. I can always remember how sticky and sweaty my palm was before going on the stage. In this zine, I focused on my life here in New York. It is not about performing other character anymore, but myself. Being in a new stage of life, discovering and constantly reflecting. I first put the text I cut out from the magazine on my palms, squeezed them and sorted them by chunks. As for the fabrics, I blindfolded myself and cut them by my instinct. Through the process, I found out that I prefer working with something tangible with texture.