Zixuan Wang

Purgatorial Elysium

Class of: 2022

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Am Schmidt

Prompt: The performance art piece was the final project of my Time class. Students needed to describe art with their bodies and actions. The professor required that the camera lens should not move, performing by yourself and choose any subject you want to perform on.

I’ve given it the title Purgatorial Elysium because it’s designed to expose the challenges people face in a world that’s alternately happy and sad. I want to use my body to express my self-cognition and to break away from external pressure or constraints in life. I did it without thinking about anything. The tears are not because of the memory of a sad story, or they can not overcome the ups and downs. Neither. I think tears are necessary and natural. I’m sure you will understand everything when you have a chance to follow the title.