Eliza Mayberry

Wheat-paste and graffiti bag

Class of: 2026

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Plastic bags

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: Students will develop a 3D object/artifact during the next five weeks, which demonstrates its connection to the community you identify with or define you, your belief, your personality, etc. The item can be a sculpture, a functional object/tool, etc.

I chose to make a nap–sack or strap bag to carry my paint, posters, rollers, and wheat paste. The bag is made of plastic, which is economically friendly, easy to clean, and easily foldable. The bag itself has two layers, the bottom layer which stores all of your illegal paraphernalia, and your top layer, the false layer which is used to hide everything. Once you finish your piece, hide your supplies, and leave into the night.