Sueah Whang


Class of: 2026

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Wood, paint, fabric, beads

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: Objective: Students will develop a 3D object/artifact during the next five weeks, which demonstrates its connection to the community you identify with or define you, your belief, your personality, etc. The item can be a sculpture, a functional object/tool, etc.

The assignment was to create a 3D object that demonstrates our connection to a certain community and I chose my piece to be around femininity and astrology. The community I chose at first was was femininity because I feel like my personal style and personality is very feminine. I feel a sense of community with other feminine people and it definitely helped shaped my identity by letting me embrace my femininity. I feel like I also find community within people that I am “compatible” with according to astrology, and for my project, I wanted to create something that ties my femininity to my interest in astrology and horoscopes.