Elmira Moskvina

Latvian Botanical Garden

This model was constructed as a sacred and sustainable place for Space and Materiality class. A Latvian botanical garden is a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment. It is a symbiosis of nature and ecclesiastical architecture. The hexagon shaped symmetrical building is decorated with seven glass domes; six small above each corner and the main colossal in the middle of the roof. The colors of the interior and exterior are organic and calming. All of the walls are painted with a natural landscape, creating an illusion of being outside, rather than inside. A glass fountain is located in the center, whose sound of falling water echoes in the building and performs a peaceful and harmonious effect. The open space in the middle implies a mental and physical shift. There are two floors, connected by the staircase. The second floor serves as the hall of flowers. It is surrounded by the balcony, which expands into the awning. On the top of the roof is a solar panel, which will supply the electricity to the building.

Latvian Botanical Garden, a space which brings you to nature and gives the opportunity to feel the world around you. The ease is fascinating. The tranquility is calming. The beauty is charming. It is the place to connect with flora and experience the sweet languor of creative fancy.