Elton Sosa


Class of: 2024

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Matthew Villarreal

Prompt: You will create an action, body movement, or space intervention that you will document or perform live. You will go through the development process of 3 iterations/versions of the action/intervention, finalize one, and present it in a dynamic media presentation.

Who am I? This is the question and main focus of my research. Something I’ve struggled with for the longest time is my sense of self. I have three main conflicting factors to my identity that keep me in a perpetual struggle of estrangement. Growing up in a christian, conservative, southern town, many beliefs were indoctrinated into me and my peers. Certain ways of thinking, speaking, and expressing identity were all I knew for the longest time. Even after I decided to move away from the status quo of my environment, I couldn’t escape the thought process, and I do occasionally default to their ways. Wanting to branch out and discover what made me feel secure, I picked up a spiritual practice for all of my own needs. This is something I’ve practiced for around four years now and I find comfort within it. Many folks around me do see my personal practice as vile, unholy, and just wrong; as I’m going against all these people ever knew and followed for generations. While indigenous beliefs and spirituality conflict with my personal spirituality, it is hard for me to find which one should be the correct, or even allowed, path. It’s as if I can not escape this colonized body.