Emma Barbee

One Week's Trash

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Photography

Faculty: Beau Rhee

Prompt: For our first project, we were to collect and document all of the trash we created for a whole week; until our next class period. After the week we were then to visually represent the trash we created, whether they were simple documentation photos or conceptual pieces.

Going through my week collecting every trash article I created became a large burden but at the same time very eye opening. To finalize my documentation, I decided to visualize these feelings through photographs of all of the trash I had been able to collect strewn around my room. These photographs represent our daily trash as a burden; a mess in places we would never expect nor want trash to consume. They create uncomfortable spaces; often seen as hoarding or carelessness, when truthfully we mindlessly are this messy every day. This piece is to put into perspective the waste we generate daily and our quick instincts to dissociate and ignore it.