Emma Bitzer

"My Boots."

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital collage, printed out zine.

Faculty: Zohar Kfir

Prompt: We were asked to produce a printed object that shows the passage of time in photoshop and InDesign. It should reflect our personal interpretation of childhood time and memory as it relates to time now.

My goal was to focus on the physical effect that time has on objects that are personal to us – whilst having that coincide with the effect it has on us as humans. For my project, I specifically focused on myself and a distinctive childhood memory which were my froggy rain boots.

This is why for each page of my zine, I had a collage from that period of my life on the left side and then a photograph of what my boots would potentially look like during that year on the right side. After ordering the boots online, I had to physically distress and ruin them and take a picture of them each time I finished a year.
Since I no longer owned my childhood rainboots, I had to order the same pair online. After completing the distressing process and taking the photographs, I worked with the images on photoshop and then brought them into InDesign with the collages of childhood photos I made.