Melisa Dincer

Burning Out

Class of: 2025

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Wendy Letven

Prompt: In this assignment we were asked to create a one-minute narrative video from a set of still images, which are most commonly called photo romans. The still images, taken in landscape format, had to represent one of these types of conflict: Person vs Self, Person vs Person, Persons vs Nature, Person vs Society. We also had to solely use our own audio for sound design. So, no music or songs were allowed.

In the photo roman “Burning Out” I portrayed the breaking point of a young woman through the use of back and forth movements within the same space. As time passes, she goes further into the tunnel and her frustration visibly increases. The context of the images also get darker and darker, as well as more aggressive: While the rst image shows the girl calmly lighting a cigarette, the last image portrays her yelling, almost as if she is letting go of all of her built up anger. The cigarette visible in several of the images also plays a vital role in illustrating the increasing tension and the cathartic moment of releasing all resentment. The deeper she goes into the tunnel, the cigarette is a bit more burned out, but so is the girl. She slowly gets deeper in touch with her emotions, burning from inside out, and eventually reaching that point of complete freedom where she is no longer a slave of her own mind.