Emma Foley

Media Mutant

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Micki Spiller

Prompt: Superhero garment design - drawing inspiration from mutant bodies, design a costume for a conceptualized avatar using found materials.

The assignment was to design a costume from found materials for a superhero either originally conceptualized for this assignment, or redesign a costume for a character already in existence. For my design, Inspired by mutant characters from the X-men universe, I conceptualized a character who has the power to manipulate media with her mind, who also has mutating paper skin. For my base found material, I used newspaper to allude to her power and skin changing ability. Creatively, I knew it would be challenging and interesting to work with, while also conveying my characters powers. I coated the newspaper in polyurethane to create a more skin-like sheen and to make the material more structurally durable. I used boning to create extra structure in the bustier and the chaps. The neckpiece, bustier, and chaps are all fastened by a lace-up attachment set in place by grommets. In the Chaps and the neckpiece, I included abstract cutouts to allude to her changing skin to paper. Overall, with the three pieces together I wanted to convey her ability, her strength, and her mutation.