Emma Gonzalez Pini


Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Wire corset

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: This project was based on personal symbols and linear materials. We had to create a 3D piece out of linear materials, without using glue or any adhesive. I created my own research on my personal symbol, design proposal and execution of the 3D piece.

For this piece I decided to base my project around spirals. The spiral is one of the most frequent forms that is related to life and transmits the idea of growth, evolution and expansion. The spiral is a simple motif. It is a line that wraps itself openly and as it progresses, it gains volume and space, it grows. It is a circular movement that leaves a central point and continues indefinitely towards infinity. The spiral symbolizes development, extension, rotation and progress. I am growing, changing and evolving; even more in a city like New York. Everything is new but everything has a sense of growth and that’s what the spiral represents. It’s not that I’m growing out of my culture or identity, but more of like evolving into my own self. I created a wire corset with spirals and swirls all around to represent growth out of that “box” meaning the corset that keeps you in place. The corset represents the place where I come from, where I felt I couldn’t be myself. I also included a head piece, to make it look like a cage and the styling pictures also try to convey that feeling of frustration, of feeling trapped and trying to grow out of that. The choice of wire is also relevant to the piece. First of all, its a linear material, like the assignment asked for and it is also a material used to create fences and traps, just like how I felt during that moment.