Erica Chung


Class of: 2025

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Paper, chipboard, wire

Faculty: Charles Goldman

Prompt: The assignment was to choose a vernacular object that de ned Manhattan. The  rst part of the project was to take a walk in lower Manhattan and document the chosen vernacular object to then create into a presentation. Part two of the project was to create a painting of the vernacular object. Part three and four were to create orthographic and axonometric drawings of the object. Part  ve was to create a chipboard model and part six was to make a wire version of the chosen object.

The vernacular object that I chose was a parking meter. As I was on the walk around lower Manhattan what really drew my attention were all the different parking meters. Although the base for each one is created exactly the same they are all made unique by the artwork left behind by the people of New York City. To me, the parking meters represent the city itself, taking something that is seen as ordinary and giving it personality and color by using graffiti and stickers. I wanted to capture this sense of a unique parking meter so in my painting I included the different graffiti and added many bright colors. The main part of the project is the final wire piece. I decided to focus on details. I created a simple outline for the frame and made the focal point where all the buttons and screens lay on a parking meter. This is normally where people pay attention to when inserting coins therefore I wanted my piece to reflect that.